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My name is Anthony Richardson, this site is independently owned and specifically designed for you to publish your unofficial complaints about Orange.

I am becoming increasingly aware that the customers (you) are not always 100% happy with Orange's sales outlets/tariffs/customer service and that getting your comments "to the top" sometimes seems an impossible dream!

As our friends at the BBC's Watchdog always say "...the power of the consumer will triumph!" So please sign my guestbook, or email me with your gripes, and I will endeavour to publish your comments here at regular intervals (a chat room and "web-board" will be coming soon). I will NOT publish your names or email addresses (unless you want me to).

My web logs show that Orange are frequent visitors to this site so feel free to speak your minds (they might just sort your problem out!).

I can't guarantee we'll change the world, I can guarantee that the "people at the top" will see your comments and hopefully TAKE NOTICE!

All the best
Yours truly!
Anthony Richardson

PPS - By emailing your comments to me I assume that you have read my Disclaimer, Terms & Conditions.

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